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Datça - Club Datça


a special place where green meets blue


Located on the peninsula at the meeting of the Mediterranean and Aegean, Datça is a residential area that has been admired for its natural beauty integrated with the sea for hundreds of years. Inheriting the historical and cultural richness of Knidos, one of the most significant port cities of its period, Datça has always been indispensable for Anatolian civilizations throughout history.

In the past, Datça’s air was rumored to heal people and today Datça is also preferred by the patients with heart, circulation, neurological and rheumatic disorders. You can reach through Marmaris via the 70 km extended and corrected highway while watching the most beautiful bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean, where blue and green unite. You can also take the ferry or sea bus from Bodrum or the Greek islands Rhodes and Symi to Datça. Being rich in culture, the peninsula also has fascinating nature. The almond trees in Turkey first bloom in the Datça Peninsula and the first green almonds appear in Datça in February.

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Datça is also famous for its fish and honey. You can swim in the crystal-clear waters of the beautiful bays and beaches for most of the year. The majority of bays and beaches that are suitable to swim are located mainly in the south. These are from east to west: Kuruca Bük, Aktur, Karaincir, Güllük, Gebekum, Burgaz, Kargı, Domuz Bükü and Palamut Bükü bays and beaches. It is also possible to go for a swim at Hastanealtı, Kumluk, Taşlık and Azganlı beaches in the city center. Most of these beaches are awarded with the blue flag every year. In the southwest of the Taşlık beach in the city center, there is a tiny lake with beautiful scenery, which is warmer than the sea and contains various minerals beneficial for health. With its natural beauties as well as its rich cultural heritage, the peninsula is also an attractive destination for yacht tourism.


İskele Neighborhood. Hürriyet Street No:25 Datça, Muğla
TR 48900, Türkiye

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